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RE: New piston  Donald Ruggles
 Jun 17, 2001 21:06 PDT 
SeanM-@cs.com wrote:
         ive been thinking its time for a new piston in my moped its got high
miles like around 6,000 , ive been looking on the internet and it looks
complicated to do. i was wondering if i were to get it done at a
shop would it take a long time to do expensive? wha are sigs of needing
piston and rings?
Hi,Sean! Seems like we're always talkin' to each other.You need to check
the compression and compare it to what you are supposed to have in your
shop manual.Probably 120-165lbs/per sq. inch.Make sure when you check
it,you hold the throttle open and have someone give the pedal start a
good healthy whirl.Do this 3 test 3 times or more and average your
reading,throwing out any reading which is clearly wrong.If your
compression is within range,don't bother the rings or piston.            
                                                     Now if you do need
rings,and you are a fair mechanic,disassemble the head and jug and check
the piston rod for end play.There is almost no up and down play allowed
in your specs.,so if you notice any looseness you'll need to remedy that
before you install a new piston with rings and new gaskets.Don't forget
the upper wrist pin bearing.Replace it while you're at it.Listen! Don't
try anything you're in doubt about.It's better to pay an expert to do it
right unless you're totally confident.BYE!
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