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Re: Changing a Tire  Eddie Sams
 Jun 18, 2001 11:13 PDT 
yeah, I just went through this. you should be able to use bicycle tire irons to get the old one off. when you put the new one on, you have to keep the slack part of the tire at the center of the rim where the rim dips down in a V shape. you should be able to get the new one back on using just tire irons using this method. or you could take it to a motor cycle shop, they did mine for $8 a tire.
At 01:14 PM 6/16/01 -0400, you wrote:
 Does anyone have any tips on how to change a tire? I am having serious
 problems getting the old one off so I can put the new one on. Do you
 have to have a special tool or is there anyway to do it without one?
 Thanks a lot.
Eddie Sams
Audio Architect
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