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RE: Just looking.  Tim Johnson
 Jun 18, 2001 21:28 PDT 
Hi Cj~
I would recommend ZippyMoped. They are located in Cupertino, California
and their homepage url is http://zippymoped.homestead.com/
I recently bought a moped (the Puch Magnum MK II still pictured on their
page) from them. Bill Webb was very helpful in helping me select a moped
within my price range. I'm sure he can do the same for you.
Are you wanting to get it right away? If you are, you need to factor in
shipping cost. I live in Missouri and it cost me $200 more than the
price of the moped, $100 for the crate and $100 for shipping. Bill was
nice enough to knock off $50 off but if you can wait till you move you
could save some money.
You can reach Bill Webb at zippy-@yahoo.com
Good Luck,
Visit me at http://TimJohnson.cc
Hondu-@aol.com wrote:
 Hi all. I'm moving to California in January and I just started looking
for a
moped. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some moped dealers
pages or some idea of what you think is the best old/new moped or
scooter out
on the market . Im not looking to spend that much maybe around 1500 or
so. If
you have any tips or suggestions please let me know.
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