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Re: Moped driveshaft  Peter Staal
 Jun 19, 2001 06:36 PDT 
Hi Sean,
bummer, possibly the welding was 'hard to do' because the hardened metal of the shaft wouldn't stick to the softiron sprocket, and was as result welded at high temps (lucky your oilseals didn't burn away..). this resulted (in combination with fast cooling?) with a temp-crack in the shaft, waiting to open at some tension.
was a fresh nut or new threat no option? now you have to replace the shaft to get it perfect.
less perfect includes removing the shaft from the motor, welding it carefully, remove excesive welding rims, try to harden it again and putting it in again.
luckily the sell spare shafts:) don't know what type you need.
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From: SeanM-@cs.com
Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 3:44 AM
Subject: Moped driveshaft
                    i have a big problem with my drive shaft. recently my
sprocked has been welded on. my sprocket has worked great for the past few
weeks. but today when i was riding it my drive shaft snapped in half with the
threaded part in the sprocket were the weld is and the other half on the
bike. now how can i get this back on to work again? I hope i can fix it. i
will never find another moped localy for a good price. so if there is any
sugestions on how i could fix this please e-mail back
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