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Re: Re: Rusty Gas Tank  ceck-@epix.net
 Jun 20, 2001 09:20 PDT 
On the other hand, you may not be able to get another tank. Case in point is a 1956 Everest moped, Zundapp engine. There are no parts available for it. My dad provided an acidic wash for the inside of the tank, and we dumped in new nuts & bolts to help scrape the rust out of the tank. It would have been nice to have a paint shaker!
Now that we've done a significant part of the prep work, we're going to use that tank coating stuff inside, I think. At least the tank doesn't leak.
From: THOMAS KELLEY <TOMKE-@webtv.net>
Date: 2001/06/20 Wed AM 10:40:57 EDT
Subject: Re: Rusty Gas Tank
Alternative is usually to get another tank that does not leak.The sealer
kit is about 33 dollars.a much cheaper than a new tank and you may have
to spend more $$$$ to paint to match.
May your day be blessed.
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