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Changing a tire on a Tomos Targa  David Rumsey
 Jun 20, 2001 18:25 PDT 
I am still working at changing the tire on my moped. With thanks to
people out there, I have finally been able to get the old tire off with
just bicycle tire irons which isn't much fun. Now I am having problems
getting the new tire on without ripping and ruining the inner tube. Any
suggestions on how best to do this? Should the inner tube be placed
around the rim first or put inside the tire? I get one bead on the rim
and most of the second bead, but the last part is a real problem and
makes it almost impossible to not have to use tire irons.
I know this is probably more trouble than its worth and that I should
just take it to a local bike shop but they want $15 to do it when a set
of Moped tire irons can be bought for less than that (which they didn't
have to sell even though stores on the web have them). So at this point
I really want to get this done myself no matter how pyric of a victory
it turns out to be.
Thanks a lot.
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