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RE: New EPA requirements coming in 2002  Donald Ruggles
 Jun 23, 2001 14:51 PDT 
Mopedi-@cs.com wrote:
 Has anyone else heard about coming EPA requirements in the year 2002
will require catalytic converters on all 2 cycle engines? I heard this
the local lawn mower repair shop. From what was being said there, if
want anything with a 2 cycle engine, get it this year. Next year, it
have either the catalytic converter on it or will be changed over to a 4
cycle engine. According to him, this will apply to weed trimmers, chain
etc. This will also bump the cost another $85 dollars on average.
Just wondering...
Phil Wilson
Phil,I heard that too the other day,but I pooh-poohed it,and I still
will have to see it in writing before I swallow it.Let's you and me hope
for the best.BYE!
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