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EPA -Knuckleheaded rascals  Donald Ruggles
 Jun 24, 2001 06:19 PDT 
   Yeah,Phil.With clueless geeks in charge that don't know beans about
chainsaws,weedwhackers,jumping-jack tampers and jack
hammers,mopeds,motorcycles,snowmobiles,etc.,we'll get more pollution
from the changeover woes and their hot air they're blowin'!!You
know,what gets me is they think that bulky battery powered vehicles are
less polluting! They don't stop to think about the oil burning power
plant that generated the electricity to charge those batteries,or the
waste disposal hazard those batteries will become,do they?Or the fumes
that necessarily escape into yours and mine's breathing area while we're
charging those poor excuses for autos,do they think of that?NO!Well.they
can have my moped and my gun when they pry it from my COLD,,DEAD
FINGERS!Hang in there,buddy!
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