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vespa piaggio  Donald Ruggles
 Jun 25, 2001 17:53 PDT 
    Hi,Curtis! First thing you do is get an owner's manual and a SHOP
manual.This will show you what is needed as far as maintenance.Then I'll
tell you what they will not: Use only good quality gasoline without any
ethanol or methanol.Regular octane is O.K..About every two tankfuls put
1.5 oz. of carburetor cleaner in the tank.Since this moped is not
considered to be `broken in' until 300 miles are put on it,you must not
use synthetic 2-cycle oil in your gas mix until it has 300 miles on
it.IF IT HAS oil-injection,since it's 21 yrs.old I'd disconnect it and
pre-mix the oil to gas at 40:1.Don't run it hard for over 30 secs. at a
time until it has the 300 miles on it.You can accelerate fully,but not
for too long,as the new bearings will get too hot.After 300 miles ,go
ahead and use synthetic 2-cycle oil in your mix if you want.The Vespa is
a quality bike and if you follow the manuals' instruction you'll have no
problems.A 2-cycle engine likes a new spark plug every so often
also.Also,beware of tires that are aged.Keep an eye out for tread
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