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shipping  Peter Staal
 Jun 27, 2001 05:37 PDT 
Suggestions on shipping a Moped
Shipping can be a large portion of the final bill after a sale of Moped.
In our experience, the best method is to ship a Moped is to use Forward Air
hub to hub service. That seems to be the cheapest way to ship (and if anyone
knows a cheaper way, please let us know). You cannot just drop your moped of
at the hub and expect them to ship them. You can, however, follow a few
simple steps to make your moped shipping ready at a fairy low price.
How to Ship Your Moped:
Drain all the fluids out of the moped.
The gas tank can either be siphoned but a easier method is to disconnect the
fuel line to engine.
The moped must be but on a pallete and the crated.
Most sellers that are willing to ship there moped will also usually also
offer to crate the moped for a price of $50-100.
First, the moped must be put securely fixed to a proper sized pallete.
Next, 3/4" plywood is used to build a box around the moped.
The crated moped must be dropped of and picked up at one of Forward Air's
hub to keep shipping to a minimum.
The cost of shipping is determined by a couple factors. The most important
being the weight of the crate and moped and distance to delivery hub.
Because mopeds are not very heavy, the cost of shipping is not based on the
actual weight but the "shipping" weight. There is a mathmatical method of
determining the shipping weight but it is much easier to contact Forward Air
with the dimensions of the boxed moped.
Below is a map of all the hubs that Forward Air will ship to.
ripped from http://people.ukans.edu/~nlerner/MopedSport/moship.html
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