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Re: Trac Engine  MacDo-@aol.com
 Jul 18, 2001 19:58 PDT 
Sean, it sounds like the electrical system is OK, so as a check of the fuel
take the spark plug out
insert some fuel directly into the cylinder
replace the spark plug promptly
try to start the engine
If the engine does fire then something is preventing fuel from the carb
getting to the cylinder. (Maybe just a dry carb, fuel line block, air leak at
the intake manifold, reed valve dirty (if there is one),some other
possibilities) Then try squirting some fuel into the carb and see if the
engine will fire with that fuel. If it will run a short time with priming the
carb, try repeating that a few times to see if it keep it running
If the engine still does not fire even a little then there is likely some
other mechanical problem. Check the compression (thumb over the spark plug
hole will tell if you have any at all), check that muffler is not plugged.
Let us know how you make out with these simple tests and some other ideas may
come to mind.
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