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Re: Trac Engine  MacDo-@aol.com
 Jul 20, 2001 06:55 PDT 
Sean, I got a great compression tester from Sears. It comes with a flex
tube, quick disconnect for the gage, and adapters for (18mm, 14mm, 14 long
reach). It holds the test pressure until released and works well when your
working alone. I have another older tester that requires that you hold it
firmly on the plug hole as you crank the engine which works fine but requires
two people to operate.
I know of no solvent that will dissolve carbon if that is the problem. It
must be remove by mechanical means like a small wire brush. The rings are
delicate and any attempt to pry on them is likely to brake them, so be
careful if you do need to do this. Never try to pry them out, pushing them
deeper into the groves to brake them free should be a safe try.
If it is true that your engine only has about 300 miles on it, its difficult
to imagine that carbon build up would enough to be the problem. On the other
hand, if this engine has been sitting for some time, the rings may be stuck
from just a little oil residue that would dissolve in carb cleaner. Try a
liberal amount of any carb cleaner injected into the cylinder as I suggested
earlier and see if it helps.
I recommend that you invest in the compression tester. The test is makes more
sense than taking the cylinder off to inspect the rings as a possible
problem. If the compression is low, then you know there is a problem with the
piston or rings and it's time to take the cylinder off and find and fix the
problem. Right now, I'm just guessing that the compression is low.
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