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RE: Trac Engine  Donald Ruggles
 Jul 21, 2001 07:00 PDT 
SeanM-@cs.com wrote:
 i guess it probably is the compression i but my thumb over it and a
air came out but it really didnt seem too powerful i dont have a
tester is there any were i can buy them and what kind of cleaner is good
use on it? thanks for your help
Hi,Sean! When you check with a compression tester make sure to open the
throttle fully and ensure the choke is OFF.This allows for a true
reading.I wouldn't tear into the cylinder until I had done this like the
guys said and obtained a compression tester.And when you test it,you
hold the tester and have someone hold the throttle open and give the
starter a good healthy kick.BYE!
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