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Re: Tomos , Fouling Plugs  THOMAS KELLEY
 Jul 24, 2001 12:56 PDT 
If plug fouling happens in a mile or two,there ain't a plug made that
hot.Don't pull things apart till some simple things IF oil
injection,check oil pump flow,some are adjustable.If fuel/oil mix,drain
what there is in the tank and refill .Be VERY careful that the fuel/oil
mix .are in the right proportions.Is this dino oil or synthetic.If
dino,maybe try synthetic.    Tom K
May your day be blessed.
From: Scott McClain <Scott.M-@draeger.net>
Subject: Tomos , Fouling Plugs
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 12:17:18 -0400
id 85256A93.00597ADB ; Tue, 24 Jul 2001 12:17:21 -0400
I have a 1985 Tomos Golden Bullet, It ran fine until this weekend, It's statring
to foul plugs on a regular basis, after a mile or two. Then it just dies until I
clean the plug and it runs great again. The plug is a little oily, is this from
not being hot enough?
It's not leaking Transmission fluid, so that seal is good.
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