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Re: Another question  THOMAS KELLEY
 Jul 29, 2001 02:45 PDT 
Pull your cylinder off and look at your cyl wall and piston O D .If only
rings are stuck,MAYBE cleaning may help.One or both may be scored beyond
just swaping rings.Rings,piston ,and cyl are a matched set.What about
taking the old cyl,piston and ring ass'y and putting them on the bad
engine? I have a complete new piston and cyl ass'y and you would have
to see and feel the fit.Interchaning old parts IMHO has about a 99%
failure rate.Some gaskets are reuseable,but risky.
May your day be blessed.
269F5119 for <TOMKE-@webtv.net>; Sat, 28 Jul 2001 20:50:07 -0700
From: SeanM-@cs.com
Subject: Another question
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 23:49:32 EDT
sorry if im getting annoying but i have yet one more question (well
hopefully) i know my compression is bad because i turned my old engine over
that i had before and it had 100 times better compression so what i was
wondering is if i can take off my cylinder and clean the rings on my engine
now or take off the old rings of my old engine and put them on? would i ruin
my head gasket? thanks
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