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Re: Moped wanted  bill spaw
 Jul 30, 2001 13:40 PDT 
where are you located? I live south of Pittsburgh, PA. I have 1984
honda aero 80 cc scooter that i bought 1 1/2 years ago with thoughts of
fixing it up. needless to say I didn't get to far. it is in pretty good
shape all lights and turn signals work. speedometer works. I had it
runnig last summer but the carb needs a good cleaning. it would go 50
mph. with me on it . I am 6'0" , 220 lbs. the plastic is in good shape
,no tears in the seat . I have a copy of the honda service manual for
it. it covers everything about this scooter you would ever need to know.
this is a 2-stroke engine, has automatic oiler on it. I would like to
see it go someone who would take the time and get it up and going again.
would be a great father and son project. also, it has electric start. I
do know that it needs a battery. contact me if you are interested.
From: SeanM-@cs.com
Subject: Moped wanted
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 02:22:46 EDT
does any one on here have a 100cc scooter that they want to sell for a low
price thats is fair condition or a 50cc moped that goes faster than 25mph. if
so e-mail me i have a 86 trac that i will trade with a new used engine with
electric start and all it needs is some piston rings or rings cleaned engine
has only 300 miles on it. thanks
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