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Record Speed for a Moped  BOB NOGUEIRA
 Aug 11, 2001 12:06 PDT 
Just saw this at a Web site* and I've seen several posts as to top speed of
a Moped
"Wankel's first work was on rotary valves and rotary superchargers. One of
his designs was attached to a 50cc NSU motorcycle, boosting the air pressure
45 psi to increase the horsepower to 13.5 bhp. This cycle set a world speed
record for its class of 120 mph at the Bonneville salt flats. Lately it has
been applied to a Mercedes engine by Wankel GmbH. "
Its a NSU Car site so no Moped info however NSU did build and sell Mopeds
during the 50's. I assume that the supercharged bike was not in the regular
line up
* http://www.monito.com/wankel/nsu.html
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