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What should you do with a horse thief?  david f martin
 Aug 18, 2001 08:57 PDT 
Sheldon Cwinn wrote:
I just got a 1984 and it needs some love. How fast does yours go?? Do you
know anything about modifying it?? Do you have a good source for parts??
Hello Sheldon,
I did a couple of mods to mine, but I'm not really sure that they
helped. I drilled a coupla hundred small holes in the aircleaner (on the
dirty side of the box) and replaced the stock muffler with a VW
tailpipe. All that made the bike loud as hell, but I don't think it
helped out very much. It would do probably 35. You might try
experimenting with the weight of the oil in the transmission, it seemed
to make a difference in take-off.
Unfortunately, mine was stolen from in front of the biker bar where I
was working (on a slow night, and I'd forgotten to turn the porch lights
on), and what's worse, I lost 7 harmonicas and belt, my checkbook,
several tools and spare parts. My little bike didn't get a lot of
respect from my Harley riding customers, but several of them expressed
their sympathy towards me and anger towards the thief. As far as they're
concerned, a bike is a bike, and bike thieves rate about the same as
child molesters. The thief would have been much better off if he had
been caught by the police rather than one of my friends... Anyway,
that's been a few months ago, and I've written it off...
Since then, I've accumulated 6 mopeds, and I'm trying to get a couple of
them going. I've got 3 Tomos Bullets here at home, and an old Murray, a
Honda Hobbit and another one (I can't remember what brand, but it's an
'85, I think) at work. Two of the Tomos's are pretty much complete, and
two of the oddball bikes are viable. The other two are just parts bikes.
I paid $100 for a well kept '85 Silver Bullet, $80 for a slightly ragged
out Golden Bullet, and $20 apiece for the other bikes from a metal scrap
collector. The Silver Bullet ran good for awhile, then crapped out on
me, and I'm still trying to figure out why.
The QT50 is a very solid bike, much better built than a Tomos, but I
have to admit I got spoiled by the 2-speed transmission on the Tomos.
QT's are much rarer than Tomos's, so used parts are very hard to come
by. You can get most parts from your friendly Yamaha dealer, though, but
you will have to wait for them, as they no longer keep parts on the
shelf, and they are kind of pricey.
If you are depending on your QT for sole transportation, I'd advise you
to get a Tomos as backup, as parts are much easier to get for them.
Good luck, and keep it locked up!
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