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Re: What should you do with a horse thief?  GTO6-@aol.com
 Aug 20, 2001 14:59 PDT 
In a message dated 8/20/01 5:26:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
herbo--@home.com writes:
 If you wan't more speed outa you Ped. Try experimenting with the fuel.
Aviation grade fuel,
Avgas won't do anything for you. It's just a higher octane. You'd only need
it if you raised the compression ratio. Now, adding NO2 (Nitrous) as an
oxidizer would give you more power, but you'd have to adjust or re-jet the
carb to deliver more fuel when the NO2 was used, but less fuel when off the
gas. Also, you wouldn't be able to carry much NO2 on a moped, due to the
weight of the cylinders. Plus, there's the problem of making a high-pressure
delivery system for it.
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