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RE: What should you do with a horse thief?  Herbie Haster
 Aug 20, 2001 15:03 PDT 
Jeezzz, I don't wan't excuses! make it happen!   Mmmmuuuahhahaha.
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herbo--@home.com writes:
    If you wan't more speed outa you Ped. Try experimenting with the fuel.
    Aviation grade fuel, NItrus etc...
Avgas won't do anything for you. It's just a higher octane. You'd only
it if you raised the compression ratio. Now, adding NO2 (Nitrous) as an
oxidizer would give you more power, but you'd have to adjust or re-jet the
carb to deliver more fuel when the NO2 was used, but less fuel when off
gas. Also, you wouldn't be able to carry much NO2 on a moped, due to the
weight of the cylinders. Plus, there's the problem of making a
delivery system for it.
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