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Power on Hills  Gerry Rising
 Aug 21, 2001 05:26 PDT 
I raise once again a question that I asked a year or so ago. I seek more
power riding up steep hills and I am quite willing to sacrifice speed for
that. The solution offered earlier -- changing either the front or back
sprocket wheels to change the power ratio -- I have been warned against as
the motor is designed for the current ratio. One or two additional or less
sprockets might be okay, according to the mechanic I checked with, but
more change would probably cause problems. And I have been able to find no
sprocket wheels that are close, in number of sprockets, to mine.
My moped is a 2000 Thomas Targa and it is giving me very good service --
almost 2000 miles this summer -- so I have no complaints about it.
Any advice (including, I suppose, forget it) will be much appreciated.
Gerry Rising                               phone: 716-689-8301
295 Robinhill Drive                          fax: 716-645-6841
Williamsville, NY 14221-1639            messages: 716-645-2455x1045
web sites: http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~insrisg/
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