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Re: tomos tach  THOMAS KELLEY
 Sep 01, 2001 03:59 PDT 
All the tachs in my J C Whitney catalog run off a constant 12 volt
source (battery) and are for a 4,6,or 8 cyl ( 4 cycle) engines.Which one
were you cosidering?You might check into the tachs used on riding
mowers,but they are 4 cycle.Next ,some snowmobiles have 2 cycle single
cyl engines,but take a lot of money with you.
May your day be blessed.       N. P. J. F.
47794150 for <TOMKE-@webtv.net>; Sat, 1 Sep 2001 02:07:37 -0700
From: Tim Farrell <t1mz-@hotmail.com>
Subject: tomos tach
Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001 02:07:59 -0400
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 22:58:53 -0700
I want to put a tach on a 2000 tomos targa lx. Can u use a tach from jc
whitney that's made for a car as long as it hooks to the electrical system?
please help me
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