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Re: Power on Hills  Peter Staal
 Sep 05, 2001 16:14 PDT 
Hi John,
Great ride, but why do you use stock mopeds? any other attempt to beat you will use 49,5 cc race equipment i guess. At 30mph its a $#@$ long road ! and at long distances its a dangerous speed, you'll fall asleep while driving by lack of adrenaline.:-)
Anyway, have a good and safe drive and best wishes from here, hope you set a record.
good luck
Peter Staal
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From: Themop-@aol.com
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 10:49 PM
Subject: Re: Power on Hills
Guinness World Record TM Attempt
   On September 30th 2001 we will attempt to set a Guinness World Record TM for
the fastest time to cross the US on a Moped . The Adventure Begins in New
Haven CT. and will end in Santa Monica CA. Below is our primary Plan of
Travel .This may change slightly due to road restrictions. Mopeds are not
allowed on Highways or roads with speed limits over 55 . We will be riding
stock Tomos Mopeds with a top speed of 30 mph . TheMopedGuys.Com   Go to our
webpage on AOL Hometown to find out more.              
                                                                    Thank You
            John Caprio
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