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RE: (no subject)  Donald Ruggles
 Sep 13, 2001 22:43 PDT 
SeanM-@cs.com wrote:
         how can i tune up my 77 motobecane ive put about 100 miles on it since
it and neglected to tune it up yet any tips? is there anywere i can read
manual online or were i can buy one online? i want to change the air
but i dont understand how to take it off yet. thanks
ps any one know were the serial numbers are i found one on the tag but i
thought there were 2 one for body and one for engine?
Hi,Sean! You can get the manual for it from www.mopedwarehouse.com
liuke I did.The V.I.N. or serial no. should be on the fork housing over
the front wheel.If you give them this info. and what model it is,they
can sell you a manual.
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