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Honda Elite  Matthew Cordes
 Sep 21, 2001 13:43 PDT 
Hi All,
My honda Elite, once started after being off for a number of hours
(overnight or even my 8-9hr work day), chokes and sputters for about 30
seconds or until I get it to about 25-30mph then it sounds great and works
fine. It's a little frightening as those 30 seconds are ususally the
moments when I'm turning on to the buisy street near my house.I took it to
the place where I bought it and they told me it was possibly a fouled plug,
which they replaced, but the problem persists. Any ideas?
Also, what is the best way to store my scooter for the winter? I've heard
very mixed advice from leaving it with a full tank of gas to emptying it
completely. Any other suggestions? It will be covered with a nylon moped
cover and placed inside an enclosed shed.
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