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Re: Honda Elite  THOMAS KELLEY
 Sep 21, 2001 15:28 PDT 
I get on mine and go ,but I am on a country road.I know that when I get
to my neighbors drive way ,or a few yards on way or another ,engine will
go into 2 cycle mode.Never failed yet.I can not let mine sit on the
stand to warm up,because the throttle needs to be held open a bit to
prevent stalling. and "Goosing the throttle"scooter wants to move
forward.Now that this has come up,I am wondering if I just turned on the
key and not started engine for a minute and let the resister heat up
that way Than try to start the engine,if it will start,that is.and see
what happens.Next time I get it out,I shall try that method.The ELITE
scooter is just one of many of my "wheeled" toys,so it sits alot.My
present project is rebuilding a 45 year old Cushman motorscooter. Good
riding to you.
May your day be blessed.       N. P. J. F.
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From: Matthew Cordes <cor-@cs.usm.maine.edu>
Subject: Re: Honda Elite
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 22:07:16 -0400
That makes a lot of sense. After a cold start it usually is rough, but
powerful, soon after the engine feels very weak until it warms for a few
moments. Perhaps I'll try leaving it parked and running the engine for a
minute or so before going anywhere.
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From: "THOMAS KELLEY" <TOMKE-@webtv.net>
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 5:47 PM
Subject: Re: Honda Elite
 Hi,I have a SB 50 ELITE and the sputtering(four cycling ),to me is
normal and has nothing to do with the spark plug.Mine has a little
electric operated solenoid type choke on the carb with 2 wires on
it..There is a resister type unit that heats up when the engine is
started cold and causes a rich fuel mixture in the carb and this is the
choke action without the usual butterfly flapper type..It richens the
fuel mixture only when engine is cold.When the resister reaches a preset
temperature,circuit opens and solenoid no longer feeds in extra fuel.The
engine then goes into its normal two stroke mode and there you are,until
you start the engine again, when it is cold.SUGGESTION.Do not mess with
that solenoid and do not let anyone else ,especially those that replace
the spark plug on a normal operating engine.////Storing=== Put Sta-bil
in a full tank of gas(to prevent rusting)as directed and if stored in
freezing tempertures,remove battery and keep it where warm.
May your day be blessed.       N. P. J. F.
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