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Re: The Moped Guys still ride on Sept.30th  Tony Weinfurtner
 Sep 22, 2001 07:24 PDT 
Best of Luck on your trip!
Tony Weinfurtner - Owner
The Motorcycle Store
Ironton, Ohio
Tomos Moped Dealer
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From: Themop-@aol.com
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 11:06 PM
Subject: The Moped Guys still ride on Sept.30th
Hey all. The Moped Guys are still on for our Guinness World Record Attempt. We plan to set a record for the fastest time to cross the US on a Moped. We are starting in New Haven, CT and ending in Santa Monica CA. Go tour webpage at AOL Hometown, type in Themopedguys.com and look at our plan of travel. If we are coming through your state we would like you to ride with us or have a cup of coffee together. You can email us at our AOL address Themop-@aol.com Or go to our webpage TheMopedGuys.Com http://hometown.aol.com/themopedguys/index.html Tomos USA has provided us with the mopeds. We would love to have you. Good Luck To All. As an American and an Ex Army RANGER. I send my best to all the Men and Women in the Military. May God Bless You and Protect you.
                                                                                                  John & Stacey
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