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RE: Vespa Si Problems  Curtis
 Oct 12, 2001 05:52 PDT 
Here is the update on the Vespa Si. I got it back fixed from the shop as
mentioned earlier and now it's dead again (Thomas predicted this).
Backfire causing all loss of power. When this happened before, the shop
said the air filter had blown off from the backfire. So among making
sure that everything was free from clogging (which it was) they replaced
the air filter to it's proper place. So they fixed the damage, but not
the source of the problem. Now I pedaled straight to the shop as soon as
it blew again. The shop will replace the spark plug cap (can't hurt
right???) and check to make sure the compression release is not
sticking. They say there was no scoring or build up anywhere. Maybe
change the spark plug itself.
I use the moped to get to work. About a 30-35 minute drive depending on
which direction. Full throttle.
I weigh about 155
It get about 120 miles per tank and I use the correct ratio of 2% or
 did you respect the 'brake-in' period since it was very new when you
bought it..
I kept the break-in period in mind, but did not really know what to do
during that time. I simply did not push the moped to it limits, and
still don't.
According to the shop, everything looks to be in good condition. They
look at my bike again next week, and I'll bring Peter's comments and
anyone elses comments with me to try to figure out the problem. Keep'em
coming! Thanks I'll keep you updated...
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From: THOMAS KELLEY [mailto:TOMKE-@webtv.net]
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2001 5:57 AM
Subject: Re: Vespa Si Problems
Once again,if the shop had it running O K, what did they do get it to
run O K ,at lesst for short time.??????All of Peter's ideas are
valid,including the plug cap,but the shop mentioned it for what ever
reason was stated ,it was made better ,but not for long.I M H O ,,,I
would go see the shop folks again for help.At least to get in the
correct area.   Tom K
May your day be blessed.       N. P. J. F.
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