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Vespa Ciao  kauffman
 Oct 26, 2001 19:02 PDT 
Again, old message, respond direct
From: "Steve" <tan-@tctisp1.tctwest.net>
Subject: vespa ciao
Date: Wed, 2 May 2001 21:49:43 -0700
Hi I am looking for info on my Vespa Ciao 1978 and how to get it to run. It
has no spark I checked the points and they are opening and seem to be
working fine. The tail light is missing and the red and white and black
wires are exposed. I was told maybe the condensor is bad. Do you know how I
might check these things in order to get spark? Or who I could contact . I
would be grateful for your help Thanks in advance Steve Kuna
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