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Roadrunner moped  kauffman
 Oct 26, 2001 19:16 PDT 
This is an old post, but maybe someone can help. Paul is not subscribed
to the list. You'll have to respond direct to him.
From: MACH2-@aol.com
Date: Sat, 12 May 2001 12:54:26 EDT
Subject: Roadrunner 4600 moped
A few years ago I purchased 2 used Roadrunner 4600's
They were made in France and have small 2 cycle engines on the front wheel
that engage with a lever. They need repair.(spokes replaced and tightened
etc.) and need a good engine tune up. I live in the South Bend, Indiana area.
Do you know where I might find some info. on these bikes? Or where I can get
them repaired? Thanks, Paul
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