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Indian 4 stroke moped  kauffman
 Oct 26, 2001 19:21 PDT 
Old post, respond direct
From: Lisa <jcph-@swbell.net>
Subject: 79 indian 4 stroke moped
i just recently purchased a 79 indian moped from a friend of mine for a
hundred bucks and it has no battery. i need to know what kind of battery
and or where to get one. also i need to know where i can get a shop
manual or something to let me know about it. also would you happen to
know what voltage the thing runs off of an do i need a battery for it to
run because i have spark now but it will not start so im assuming i do
need a battery for it to run.
if you could e mail me at bring-@aol.com and let me know something
id apreciate it overmuch thanks, steve from st louis missouri.
p.s. it is white with the blueyellow and green stripes
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