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Fw: engine data  Peter Staal
 Nov 28, 2001 12:27 PST 
Please reply direct to this guy he is no list member,
I couldn't help him because i don't have a BT50 nor bt50 info for him,
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From: "milos basic" <milos-@altavista.co.uk>
To: <sta-@concepts.nl>
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 1:55 PM
Subject: RE: engine data
I am currently seeking informations to complete an assignment which is
part of my
 course Beng Mech/Man Engineering at Derby University.
I've got pictures of engine parts of TOMOS BT50. Could I get data
informations for
 the same engine from you if you got them.
I need all data informations for:
1.piston (diameter, length, weight etc.)
2.cylinder ( stroke, bore, ports, thickness, length etc.)
3. connecting rod ( length, thickness, )
4.Gudgeon pin (length, thickness .etc)
5.Crankshaft ( thickness, diameter, distance between two discs etc.)
6. cylinder head
it would be most appreciated if you could send me needed data.
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