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Re: Premium Gas in 2-strokes?  Peter Staal
 Nov 30, 2001 13:11 PST 
Hi dave,
gas is strange stuff, it is a mix of a lot of chemicals mixed to special
Normal fuel (octane count upto 95) is made for low compresssion engines,
Premium (98 octane) is made for high compression engines.
If you drive a stock moped, low octane is just as good as premium, even
better for your wallet.
If you have a tuned moped it can become sensible to use super/premium gas to
prevent 'pre-detonation' (pinging) until that point buy cheap gas, and give
it some extra oil in the mix if you want to spend money :).
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From: "David Rumsey" <bigd-@ufl.edu>
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 8:11 PM
Subject: Premium Gas in 2-strokes?
 A friend of mine always puts premium gas in his 2-stroke engines,
including his scooter. Does anyone know if this is worth while at all?
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