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Re: Premium Gas  Chris Schlatter
 Dec 02, 2001 18:56 PST 
manonbicycle wat type of moped do u have?
                            CHRIS SCHALTTER
                             Got Balls?
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From: Manonbicycle <manonb-@webtv.net>
Subject: Premium Gas
My Tomos came new with instructions that indicated I would void the
warranty if I used anything less than 98 octane gas. To stay legal with
that I used octane booster religiously for the first 1200km.I was
getting a lot of predetonation. I even bought some auto racing fuel on
occasion , but it was only available on the far side of my city (about
an hour on the moped one way).I was also obsessive about using only
real gasoline and NO Gasohol.
    This all changed on my long trip when nothing but 89 or 91 gasohol
was available across Illinois and Iowa. To my delight the ped seemed to
run just fine on the stuff.I am of the belief that it might have even
been better that a higher octane for extended daily use where the engine
ran at maximum temperature for hours on end.
    Remember about oil..."Better a bit much all the time than too little
see photos of my long distance moped trip
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