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Try this,Sean!  Donald Ruggles
 Dec 18, 2001 18:48 PST 
SeanM-@cs.com wrote:
 i have some extra christmas cash and i was wondering if anyone has an
moped they have somewhere close to the ohio area. i sold my other one,
i am in need of a new one a cant stand not riding one. if anyone has
one let me know,
Sean,have you tried posting on the `Buy-Sell' forum at Mopedarmy?There's
a guy named Chad on the Mopedarmy that might fix you up.First try
this:E-mail Hu-@aol.com That's Scott Huvsler in Mansfield OH and he
might have a `ped to sell you or know where you can get one.Okay? `Ped
`til yer red!!Don-ohio
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