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Re: Fw: Build your own DYNAMOMETER  Jared Smith
 Jan 10, 2002 20:13 PST 
 From: Peter Staal <sta-@concepts.nl>
Subject: Fw: Build your own DYNAMOMETER
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 21:19:46 +0100
 hey man can you tell everone to stop sending me this stuff take me off your
list whatever just please stop thanks alot
 SportDevices inertia dynamometers
----- Original Message -----
From: SportDevices
Sent: Thursday, January 10, 2002 7:36 PM
Subject: Build your own DYNAMOMETER
Do you want build your own motorbike or engine inertia dynamometer?
Download Dyno Software for Free!
Version 2 SportDyno software SETUP WIZARD: SportDyno.ZIP 2.2Mb (JAN-2-2002)
ish): SportDyno-eng.PDF 330Kb
Download Dyno Plans for Free!
SportDevices lets you get SP-1 Inertia dynamometer acquisition electronics
to install in homebuilt dynos.
SP1 module Includes:
-Inductive pickup for meassuring roller RPM.
-Capacitive sensor for meassuring engine RPM (CDI ignitions)
-Cable and switch to install in the dynamometer to start/stop tests
-1 CD with the software RS232 cable Mains cable
Buy now your SP1 Kit for only 795 Euro.
More info in http://www.sportdevices.com
See the page if you want to make any type of homebuilt dynamometer:
Kart engine dyno
Kart chassis dyno
Motorcycle chassis dyno
RC engines dyno
I think that it can be very interesting for many people.
Thank you very much.
Valencia (Spain)
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