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Re: Help to remove a Tomas fork  MacDo-@aol.com
 Feb 21, 2002 17:07 PST 
There is a bolt at the top of the fork half that you want to remove and the
lower portion will drop right out the bottom without a problem. However, the
lower portion will simply rotate with the bolt unless you hold it from
turning. This should be a simple procedure unless the brake was up inside
the upper half. If this is the case, then you will need to devise something
to insert that will prevent that piece from turning.
Hope this helps, if not, give a little more detail of what the broken parts
look like as this should be a very simple operation.
Do not remove the single center nut that holds the fork together as it should
not be necessary and the ball bearings are not contained and will scatter
with some of them likely to get lost.
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