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RE: Tomos Targa  Donald Ruggles
 Mar 09, 2002 08:25 PST 
Harry wrote:
 Purchased not running. Spark plug was oil fouled. Found one broken
piston ring. Repaired motor. Now it will run for a short time with lots
of white smoke. Drained and refilled oil tank with Honda injector oil.
No help. Looks like trans. fluid. Is their a seal?
Hard to replace?
Sounds like engine seal is letting crankcase suck ATFluid into
cyl.......don't know how hard to replace,but you might try adding
TRANS-X from Auto-Zone to see if the seal will soften and re-seal.Just
add the trans-x(about 4oz.of it)to your tranny fluid and run the `ped on
the stand for about 10 minutes.If it works,you saved a seal
replacement.I recommend getting a shop manual for the bike.It evaporates
quite a bit,so after you use it,check the oil level.Now get back to us
so we know how it turns out,okay? Don-ohio
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