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Re: Ether  MacDo-@aol.com
 Mar 12, 2002 07:29 PST 
I have not used ether but have worked on several non-running mopeds and found
carb cleaner a helpful aid in starting a stubborn engine or just part of
engine diagnostics. I have often removed the spark plug and sprayed a little
cleaner into the cylinder then replaced the plug and go with starting
procedure. If the engine fires up for a second or two, I know the ignition
system is good enough for the engine to run and look to fuel or fuel delivery
system for a problem. Not all conclusive but a good starting point for me.
If the engine does not even try to start with carb cleaner, I'll look for
problems in the ignition system.
I have found it very common for an engine to be hard to start after setting
for a couple of months and a little carb cleaner sprayed into the carb for
that initial start has been helpful and the engine starts normally until is
set for some time again. One moped I have will have injector oil buildup in
the carb and crankcase after setting for a month and needs a boost to get
started to burn out that excess oil and then starts and runs very well.
Someday I'll try to fix the problem.
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