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Re: Need help starting my Puch  Peter Staal
 Apr 02, 2002 07:52 PST 
do you hear/feel the motor rotating while tring to start?
(remove sparkplug if not sure to see movement inside)
btw model is MAXI or equal. (other wise you had kick start )
try this sequence. open tap, tinckle the knob on the carb-bowl to make sure
no airlock is in the gas line.
peddle or run untill motor picks up (gets in movement) [if needed use
de-compressor to get it rotating]
if all is working right it will start.
If not check sparkplug condition and report please
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From: "Justin Lehrer" <just-@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, April 01, 2002 9:05 PM
Subject: Need help starting my Puch
 Hi, I just purchased an '85 Puch (not sure which model), and I'm having
some trouble getting it started. I thought it might be user error, as I
have no moped experience, but now I'm not sure.
Here's what I do:
1. Pull up choke.
2. Push primer button 4-5 times.
3. Put fuel petcock in on position.
4. While bike is on kickstand (or while I'm pedaling), I pedal and hold
clutch in and give it gas.
5. Nothing happens.
Any advice on how I might get this thing running would be greatly
appreciated. The guy I purchased from assured me it "starts right up"
and he ran it last week. I have added fuel, with a 50:1 mixture of two
stroke oil.
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