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Re: Need help starting my Puch  MacDo-@aol.com
 Apr 02, 2002 08:09 PST 
I have an '83 Puch that does not have a primer bulb and have not seen one on
a moped. My Puch does have what is called an auto start and if your does, it
may be the reason you are not starting. Try these steps:
open the fuel pet cock
pull up on the choke (correct position for an '83)
do nothing with the primer, I suspect it only fills the carb anyway
Hold the clutch in while pedaling - do not give it gas
now, with auto start the decompression valve should be open and the engine
should be turning over easy - release the clutch handle slowly so the
decompression valve closes and the starting clutch is still engaged.
when it starts, give it a little gas and push the choke rod down.
If this does not work for you, try a new spark plug first and then get back
to the group for some trouble shooting help.
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