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Re: Need help starting my Puch  Justin Lehrer
 Apr 02, 2002 19:01 PST 
OK, I've done everything you mentioned except for cleaning the jets. I've got a new plug, but can't tell if there is a spark. I pulled the plug and attached the wire to the plug and cranked the engine and put the plug on the cylinder and I don't see an obvious spark. So maybe I have no spark. Sorry guys, I'm an amateur (obviously).
Peter Staal <sta-@concepts.nl> wrote: hi Justin, :)** open tap, = Put fuel petcock in on position. (the difference between american and english :)) btw did you check if any gas comes out the line in this postion (no clogged filter , jammed petcock) it seems obvious but it isn't. **tinckle the knob on the carb-bowl to make sure no airlock is in the gas line.=Push primer button 4-5 times.
I guess you are referring to the Knob / button on top of the floatbowl lid. this is used to release air to prevent air-lock. you best push this baby until gas comes pouring out, with no bubbles.(that you are A-sure gas is floating in. B-carburator is complete filled with fuel mix.) When gas is floating out of the fuel line it still has to pass the jet did you clean this too? If you put in the new spark plug, tried to start for a while. did you take the plug out to check its condition ?If still dry, you get no gas in the cylinder, if soaking wet, and smelling to gas you have fuel enough. I would start looking if you got any spark at all. check this first. Peter   
Hi, thanks for your response.
The engine does turn over and wants to start, but just doesn't quite make it. I'm not quite sure what you meant here, "open tap, tinckle the knob on the carb-bowl to make sure
no airlock is in the gas line."
but I did check that the fuel line was open. I got a new spark plug. Still not working!!!
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