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Vespa Piaggio Si - 1980  Curtis
 Apr 04, 2002 07:30 PST 
I took my moped out! The warmer weather is back. I know you diehard mopeders
are saying "What's the problem, I rode all winter", well your crazy!
(actually I'm just jealous)
Anyway. I have an ongoing problem, I'm still trying to figure out.
Backfiring, and ultimately blowing out the air filter! When the air filter
blew the last time the guy who fixed it cleaned EVERYTHING and put it back
together. Still backfires though. One thing I noticed is air blowing from
the engine. Is this normal? Should I feel ANY air blowing off the engine? I
would think it should all be coming out the exhaust, but maybe it's some
sort of air cool function???
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