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Re: Need help starting my Puch  MacDo-@aol.com
 Apr 04, 2002 18:44 PST 
It should quite easy to disable the kill switch on the Puch. There is a
wiring block located above the engine and under the frame that receives the
wires from the magneto. One of these wires is from the points and goes to
the coil; and at the block, a second wire is routed to the kill switch.
Pressing the kill switch grounds this circuit and kills the ignition. So,
with a very small screwdriver, disconnect the wire that goes to the kill
switch at the wiring block. No special tools needed and that wire does not
affect anything else. Then try to start the engine or check for a spark with
a clean dry sparkplug in dimmed lighting.
I have tested a coil with a 1.5 volt dry cell battery. A spark can be seen
in dim light, because it is week, with a good coil. While I'm sure there are
better tests with better equipment this one works for me. Some knowledge on
how to wire the coil is necessary.
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