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Re: excess metal  catacomb zerothirteen
 May 06, 2002 13:57 PDT 
Nope did nothing to the cooling fins, well actually i did a little, i
polished them a bit with really fine sand paper. the wet and dry kind. the
only metal i cut off from the frame was the kick stand area and the place
where the horn went. i bought and mounted a side kick stand which is much
liter. i also polished out the kick plate cover area and cut off some metal
burrs, that are not needed. i made sure i did not cut off any important
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From: Manonbicycle <manonb-@webtv.net>
Subject: excess metal
First I would like to thank Peter Staal for the link to the tomos site.
A word of warning about removing "excess metal" Some of what might look
superfluous or extra or downright useless may indeed have a purpose. I hope
my friend there didn't file away the cooling fins from the engine block.
This would cause overheating and soon the engine would be ruined from the
heat. Also a structural failure could occur from drilling or filing away
needed frame metal.
see photos of my long distance moped trip
at http://community.webtv.net/manonbicycle/MANONBICYCLEWEBTV
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