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RE: chain tightening  Donald Ruggles
 May 27, 2002 15:22 PDT 
Manonbicycle wrote:
 It is incredibly similar to tightening a bicycle chain. All you need are
two wrenches of the correct size.
    Be sure to get it lined up correctly. Having an assistant to hold for
you might help. If not straight you will get tracking problems and
excessive tire wear.
see photos of my long distance moped trip
Hi,guys! I didn't see where anyone told Dave to make sure he had at
least 165 lbs of weight on the moped before he adjusts tension? The
swing arm compressing under laden weight usually tightens the chain even
more.So adjust it,Dave with a person sitting on it and allow 3/4" slack
at the bottom when slack is removed along the top of chain. Don-ohio
P.S.: Align it by aligning the rear sprocket up in line of sight with
the engine sprocket.
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