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RE: Timing problem  Donald Ruggles
 Jun 18, 2002 01:18 PDT 
Curtis wrote:
 I believe I have a timing problem with my 1980 Vespa Si. It runs fine
(actually @ 85% of capacity) until it warms up, and then it runs like a
dog. It backfires out of the air filter when you give it some juice.
this sound like timing to anyone? If so can I adjust the timing, or what
part(s) might I need to replace.
I pulled the air filter off and it looked clean, and smelled like fuel.
fuel is mixed correctly and new. The spark plug is clean.
Hi,Curtis! If it's not the points,which it probably is,then make sure
your exhaust isn't plugging and your air filter is clear.A vibrating
taillight wire can actually make some mopeds engines miss too.
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