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Re: (no subject)  Peter Staal
 Jun 24, 2002 16:48 PDT 
could be 2 ways,
too much gas :
check the floater in the float bowl, possible there was some residue from old gas in it, preventing proper functioning.
right now the motor is drowning. gas open it floods in unused gas. 1/2 trottle airstream slows down and doesn't transport the extra gas. then i guess it is smoking lots more than last year
too less gas
jet is clogged with old gas residue, not enough gas available to run full trottle, (too much air in the gas mix to give power)
1/2 gas it balances out and runs better. but with less power than usual and hardly any smoketrails at all.
in short , clean the carb and the problem is over.
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From: SeanM-@aol.com
Sent: Monday, June 24, 2002 8:17 PM
Subject: (no subject)
i was wondering on how i can make my honda urban express faster   it goes a little bit slower than 20 mph i rode it last year and it did 30-35 mph what could be wrong with it that is making it this slow i was thinking it might be the spark plug because when i give it full throttle it slows down it goes faster with 1/2 i added fluid in the trans but it didnt make no difference so i dont know anything would help thanks
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