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Re: High Performance Exhausts - Honda Elite  Tomkelley@webtv.net
 Jun 25, 2002 03:38 PDT 
(1) Scooter speedometers are not too accurate,if that is what you are
going by.(2) Some things parts people don't tell you while they take
your money.....Max legal speed for a moped in Delaware and most/many
States is 25 M P H..Some are 20 and some are 30 MPH.All States require
50 C C's or less to be legally a moped.There are speed parts
available,but when exceeding the State set max speeds and/or 50 CC cyl
displacement,you are now in the motorcycle class and need to abide by
motorcycle laws.Wear a helmet,have an inspection, licence,and
insurance,etc.Bottom line,to go faster legally,get a motorcycle to start
with.Sorry,just the facts.   Tom K
May your day be blessed.       N. P. J. F.       F.R.O.G.
From: Matthew Cordes <cor-@cs.usm.maine.edu>
Subject: High Performance Exhausts - Honda Elite
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 21:00:12 -0400
[]) by ptldme-mls2.maine.rr.com (8.11.0/RoadRunner
24 Jun 2002 21:00:12 -0400
User-Agent: Mutt/1.4i
Hello All,
I'd like to make my scooter just a bit faster. Anyone have any
experience with these (or mopeds in general) and high performace exhausts.
Are these legal in the US? I've been told a 5-10 mph increase is
expected (this seems a little high to me). Any particular exhausts that
worked well for you?
My scooter is a 2001 Honda Elite, and on a flat surface accelerates to
27-28 mph very rapidly, then slowly climbs to about 35-37 mph where it
tops out.
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