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Re: Chain tightening  Eddie Sams
 Aug 01, 2002 08:37 PDT 
I usually set the wheel in place using the chain tensioners you described.
when you fully tighten the axle, they will twist out of plac, but I don't
think that's a problem. I think they are there for you to set the tension
of the chain and the angle of the rear wheel before you tighten it.
I have a question. What model should I get for the rear brake cable? mine
broke recently, and I need a replacement.
At 08:06 PM 7/31/2002 -0400, you wrote:
 I am still having problems tightening the chain on my 1995 Tomos Targa
Moped. I tried everyone's suggestions but I don't think I have bolt
tensioners on my Moped - nothing that I can tell will tighten the chain
with a 10 mm wrench. All I can do is loosen the 17 mm nuts for the axle
and then twist these oddly shaped (circular with three varying size
holes around the hole for the axle) chain tensioners that rest right up
against the swing arm in the back and push up against metal extruding
off the arm to keep the wheel from sliding too far forward. Although
there is plenty of room to move them farther back they will not stay in
place without tightening the bolts too tight. Any suggestions dealing
with these type of tensioners would greatly be appreciated.
Would it be possible to remove a link or two from the chain?
What is the proper torque to tighten the bolts to as well? Is it best
to just get it tight enough to hold on but at the same time not keep the
wheel from rotating freely?
Also, what is the best and easiest way to lubricate the control cables?
Thanks for all the help!
Eddie Sams
Audio/Video Engineer - Events Group
206-604-2439 cell
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